Trash talk for big fight is tire­some

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Floyd May­weather and Conor McGregor have been hyp­ing their Aug. 26 box­ing match with a four­day, four-city me­dia tour this past week.

Both May­weather and McGregor have traded big­oted and misog­y­nis­tic in­sults to­ward each other, and’s Sarah Spain asks if fans are will­ing to keep val­i­dat­ing their trash talk.

“It was clear from day one that the fight be­tween Floyd May­weather and Conor McGregor would be as much about the fore­play as the main event,” Spain wrote. “When the fight it­self is a matchup as fair as pit­ting Apolo Ohno against Ev­geni Plushenko in a fig­ure skat­ing com­pe­ti­tion, you’ve gotta get all you can outta the lead-up.

“But while we all knew pub­lic­ity for the matchup would fea­ture over-the-top dis­plays of pos­tur­ing, self-ag­gran­diz­ing and hy­per-mas­cu­line ag­gres­sion, I don’t think we were pre­pared for how pre­cip­i­tously the trash talk would de­volve into slurs and stereo­types.

“Over the course of four pressers in four cities this week, May­weather and McGregor went from ex­chang­ing the stan­dard pre­fight id­iocy to back-and­forth ho­mo­pho­bic, misog­y­nis­tic and racial ep­i­thets. McGregor, who has traf­ficked in eth­nic stereo­typ­ing in the past, on Tues­day de­scribed Rocky III as the movie with the “danc­ing mon­keys in the gym” and told May­weather ‘dance for me, boy.’ His sar­cas­tic re­sponse to ac­cu­sa­tions of racism only made things worse.”

Fans in the are­nas in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London for the news con­fer­ences cheered, to Spain’s dis­ap­point­ment. Spain added that some fans have ig­nored May­weather’s crim­i­nal past be­cause of his car col­lec­tion and McGregor’s rant­ing has been cel­e­brated be­cause he’s be­come fa­mous in the United States af­ter com­ing over from Ire­land.

“But as their ex­changes get uglier and more of­fen­sive, it’s time to check back in with our­selves,” Spain wrote. “Do we want to val­i­date bar­barism? Are these the kind of peo­ple de­serv­ing of our at­ten­tion, ad­mi­ra­tion and time? If we give celebs like them a pass on ho­mo­pho­bia, misog­yny and big­otry, how many oth­ers will feel en­ti­tled to ex­press their own hate?

“In to­day’s cli­mate, this kind of un­hinged cir­cus is cer­tain to sell, but we don’t have to buy it.”

Home-run glove?

Gian­carlo Stan­ton is ac­cus­tomed to clearing the wall at Mar­lins Park. This time his glove went over.

The Mi­ami Mar­lins right fielder lost his glove over the 8½-foot wall Sunday while try­ing un­suc­cess­fully to catch a triple by Los Angeles Dodgers left fielder Chris Tay­lor.

When Stan­ton made a run­ning leap and stretched his left arm above the wall in the fourth in­ning, his glove came off and fell to the other side.

“I just hit my wrist at the top of the fence, and the glove just popped off,” he said.

Af­ter Tay­lor reached third, Stan­ton hoisted him­self above the wall to de­ter­mine the glove was be­yond his reach.

“There’s not enough space for me to go down there and get it, but I could see it down there,” he said. “Not too many parks have the crevice back there like that.”

Stan­ton waited with a sheep­ish grin while a bat­boy brought him a re­place­ment. The glove he lost was later re­trieved and re­turned to him.

The Mar­lins’ All-Star had a rough day at the plate too, go­ing 0 for 4 in a 3-2 loss.


Floyd May­weather (left) and Conor McGregor have gone from the stan­dard pre­fight garbage to ex­changes with ho­mo­pho­bic and racist over­tones.

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