Su­per Quiz: The early his­tory of Por­tu­gal

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1. These peo­ple controlled most of Por­tu­gal from the 8th to 11th cen­turies.

2. What was the Re­con­quista?

3. This prince (1394-1460) was noted for or­ga­niz­ing voy­ages of dis­cov­ery.

4. In 1488, this man rounded the south­ern point of Africa. 5. In 1497-98, this ex­plorer rounded the Cape of Good Hope and reached In­dia.

6. One of this man’s ships was first to cir­cum­nav­i­gate the globe (1522).

7. The Span­ish In­qui­si­tion (15th to 17th cen­turies) ex­pelled many peo­ple of this re­li­gion.

8. The pope’s Line of De­mar­ca­tion granted most of this coun­try to Por­tu­gal.

9. In 1755, a large part of this city was de­stroyed by an earth­quake.


1. Moors (Mus­lims)

2. The Chris­tian re­con­quer­ing of Por­tu­gal (and Spain)

3. Prince Henry the Nav­i­ga­tor 4. Bartholomew Diaz

5. Vasco da Gama

6. Fer­di­nand Mag­el­lan 7. Ju­daism

8. Brazil

9. Lis­bon

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