Lacrosse 101

Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - - COLLEGE FOOTBALL - Lax­, Cor­nell Col­lege and Char­lotte Rock­hounds

■ Played on a field 110-yards long and 60-yards wide.

■ Goals on each end of the field are 6-feet high by 6-feet wide.

■ Goals are scored when the ball goes into the net, which is pro­tected by a goalie.

■ Each goal is sur­rounded by a cir­cu­lar crease with a ra­dius of 9 feet. No of­fen­sive player may en­ter.

■ Face-offs be­gin each of the four, 15-minute quar­ters (youth games vary in length, but typ­i­cally have 10-minute quar­ters) and take place at the mid­field line.

■ Each women’s team fields 12 play­ers while men’s teams field 10 play­ers, in­clud­ing a goalie, three de­fense­men, three mid­field­ers and three at­tack­ers.

■ Men wear hel­mets, gog­gles, gloves, cleats, pro­tec­tive cups, mouth guards, arm pads and shoul­der pads, and use net­ted sticks to catch, pass and carry a ball. Goal­lies are the only play­ers al­lowed to touch the ball with their hands. Women are only re­quired to use a mouth guard, pro­tec­tive gog­gles and cleats, with other pads op­tional. ■ Men’s games fea­ture more con­tact than women’s with fre­quent “ground ball scrums” and “whack­ing sticks” to gain po­si­tion. How­ever, per­sonal fouls can be called if body checks or stick checks are used in­ap­pro­pri­ately.

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