Bella Vista writer fo­cuses on play­ing the blame game

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A laugh­able piece by Stephanie Culp (“Make it stop now,” July 10). She con­tends that if a fe­male high school stu­dent re­ceives a deroga­tory re­mark from a male high-schooler that she’s “bound to be a fail­ure in the workplace.” How many years later? Get a life!

She’s let Donald Trump af­fect her life to the point of no re­turn. If this at­ti­tude con­tin­ues she’ll find her­self in a prison cell of her own mak­ing. If she’d put more ef­fort into her own suc­cess, she might be­come an Oprah or Martha Ste­wart in­stead of sit­ting in her room whin­ing.

I was a short (ver­ti­cally chal­lenged), fat (not my fault) kid who paid no at­ten­tion to tall or thin kids who threw darts my way. In fact, they mo­ti­vated me to de­velop an “I’ll show you” men­tal­ity that served me well as an ex­cep­tional em­ployee in the workplace. I’m mar­ried to a can-do woman who got an ed­u­ca­tion and be­came a suc­cess through hard work and en­joy­ing life.

It seems Stephanie speaks to women with an ax to grind, those who play the blame game over is­sues that shouldn’t and don’t af­fect them per­son­ally. They’re be­ing con­trolled by some­one with whom they have no per­sonal con­tact and prob­a­bly never will.

Strangely enough, in the same pa­per dated July 10, was this an­swer to the pre­vi­ous day’s Daily Cryp­to­quote: “The seeds of re­silience are planted in the way we process the neg­a­tive events in our lives.” An­war Sa­dat wrote: “Judge not the jour­ney of life by one mile.” Neg­a­tive mo­ments are for per­sonal growth.


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