Throw the bums out

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We the Amer­i­can peo­ple are not get­ting our tax­pay­ers’ money worth on our do-noth­ing Congress, both sides of the aisle.

Democrats are the party of free­bies un­til other peo­ple’s money runs out. Repub­li­cans are the party of all talk, no ac­tion.

I be­lieve Trump is the only one in Wash­ing­ton that wants to run the gov­ern­ment ef­fi­ciently, but both sides of the aisle block his agenda.

It seems Democrats can­not get over their dar­ling Hil­lary not be­ing elected. Repub­li­cans can­not get over their fa­vorite Jeb Bush not be­ing nom­i­nated.

Time for term lim­its to get these ca­reer do-noth­ing bums off the tax­payer pay­roll. BILL SCHEIDERER For­rest City

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