First-de­gree mur­der

Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - - NORTHWEST ARKANSAS -

In order for some­one to be found guilty of first-de­gree mur­der, the govern­ment must prove the per­son killed an­other per­son; the per­son killed the other per­son with mal­ice afore­thought; and, the killing was pre­med­i­tated. To kill with mal­ice afore­thought means to kill ei­ther de­lib­er­ately and in­ten­tion­ally or reck­lessly with ex­treme dis­re­gard for hu­man life. Premed­i­ta­tion means with plan­ning or de­lib­er­a­tion. The amount of time needed for premed­i­ta­tion of a killing de­pends on the per­son and the cir­cum­stances. It must be long enough, af­ter form­ing the in­tent, for the killer to have been fully con­scious of the in­tent and to have con­sid­ered the killing.

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