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DEAR HELOISE: I’m won­der­ing how your read­ers feel about shop­ping malls? When I was a kid, I loved spend­ing time at the mall with my friends; some malls had carousels, ice-skat­ing rinks and movie the­aters, and they all had won­der­ful food courts with de­li­cious choices of eats. But now so many malls are go­ing out of busi­ness.

In San Antonio, we still have malls that are do­ing well, but off-price stores and shop­ping on­line are gain­ing in pop­u­lar­ity.

Will your read­ers al­ways go to the mall? Do you like the en­ergy there? The ser­vice? The peo­ple? It was con­ve­nient to have all the big stores un­der one roof, and years ago, I used to walk in the mall for ex­er­cise. That was fun.

The sales­peo­ple in the kiosks out­side of the stores can be pretty pushy, but I’ve learned to just say, “No, thank you.”

Is the shop­ping mall be­com­ing a thing of the past? Hope­fully not!

— Jana B., Helotes, Texas DEAR READ­ERS: Read­ers, what do you say about the shop­ping mall? I’ve done many book sign­ings in many malls over the years — a great place to come to­gether.

DEAR HELOISE: My daugh­ter gave me two beau­ti­ful scented can­dle jars (cin­na­mon and vanilla). Most of the wick and wax is al­most used. The jars are beau­ti­ful, and I wish to keep them. How can I safely re­move the re­main­ing wax?

— Mom in Florida DEAR READER: Tuck the jars in the freezer for about an hour. Care­fully place a ta­ble knife at the edge of the wax and wig­gle it gen­tly. The wax should pop off.

DEAR HELOISE: I’m sure there are a lot of tal­ented folks who de­sign con­tain­ers, so it has al­ways amazed me that they fail to rec­og­nize that peo­ple who wear glasses usu­ally don’t wear them in the shower.

Sham­poo and con­di­tioner bot­tles are or­di­nar­ily the same size. How about a giant “S” and “C” printed on the bot­tles?

— Mar­ian L., Omaha, Neb.

DEAR HELOISE: Why is it that in school, teach­ers tell you, “Keep your eyes on your own pa­per” and “No talk­ing,” and then when you get out in the real world, peo­ple tell you, “Net­work!” “Meet and greet!” and “If you want to be like this per­son, do what he does!”? A para­dox in­deed!

— Glenn C. in New York


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