Su­per Quiz: Wildlife

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1. These ro­dents have a coat of sharp spines, or quills.

2. These birds are noted for scavenging on car­casses of dead an­i­mals.

3. Honey bees use this as a su­gar source to pro­duce honey.

4. In­sect bod­ies are di­vided into these three sec­tions.

5. This two-humped camel is far rarer than the drom­e­dary camel.

6. What ma­rine mam­mal has a name that be­gins with “man”?

7. Term used to de­fine perch­ing birds

8. The term for these mam­mals is de­rived from the Latin word “ce­tus,” mean­ing “large sea crea­ture.”

9. Term for an an­i­mal that has male and fe­male sex or­gans


1. Por­cu­pines

2. Vul­tures

3. Nec­tar

4. Head, tho­rax and ab­domen

5. Bac­trian camel

6. Man­a­tee

7. Passer­ine

8. Ce­tacea(ns)

9. Hermaphrodite

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