Su­per Quiz: It starts with “Man”

Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - - NORTHWEST/TELEVISION -

1. The long hair on the neck of a horse or lion

2. An in­sane per­son

3. A shelf that projects from the wall above a fire­place

4. A model of a hu­man body wear­ing clothes that are for sale

5. A very large ray in­hab­it­ing trop­i­cal and sub­trop­i­cal seas

6. A large African mon­key with a blue and red face

7. A breed of tail­less cats

8. A cus­toms doc­u­ment list­ing the con­tents put on a ship or plane 9. A pipe through which gases pass into and out of a ve­hi­cle’s en­gine


1. Mane 2. Ma­niac 3. Man­tel 4. Man­nequin 5. Manta 6. Man­drill 7. Manx 8. Man­i­fest 9. Man­i­fold

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