Truck­ers’ real con­cern

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I think one of the great­est needed changes in law that is brushed un­der the car­pet and re­al­ity hits many ev­ery day. The truck­ing laws are far-reach­ing past the oc­cu­pant be­hind the driver seat. They af­fect pas­sen­ger ve­hi­cles and the other big rigs do­ing the heavy lift­ing to bring ev­ery­thing you use but your birth­day suit.

Like so many things, it seems com­mon sense has been re­moved from pub­lic dis­cus­sion to mas­sage spe­cial in­ter­ests. Un­for­tu­nately, av­er­age ci­ti­zens are af­fected whether they know it or not, be­gin­ning with life-and-death safety to the price of what you pay for a prod­uct.

To driv­ers of trucks, it’s be­ing placed be­tween that rock and a hard place.

I be­lieve elec­tronic logs don’t solve any prob­lems but are more like snake oil that causes prob­lems; the real pur­pose is to do away with the small truck­ers. They don’t make high­ways safer when I see driv­ers speed through truck stops, work zones, and hav­ing 100 park­ing spots with 150 trucks need­ing to park. Like in a lot of ar­eas of life, I be­lieve the gov­ern­ment is the prob­lem.

Hours of sleep needed by in­di­vid­ual driv­ers should be the con­cern, not one size fits all. I know no truck driver who is drugged up and not want­ing to sleep. Good sleep or qual­ity sleep is what makes a driver safe.



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