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DEAR REV. GRA­HAM: If Je­sus came back to earth and walked down the street of al­most any one of our ma­jor cities, would any­one rec­og­nize Him? I’m cu­ri­ous about this, be­cause we don’t re­ally know what He looked like, do we?

— E.K.L. DEAR E. K. L.: No, the Bi­ble doesn’t tell us ex­actly what Je­sus looked like while He was on earth. He lived in the Mid­dle East, a part of the world that touches the con­ti­nents of Africa, Asia and Europe, and He prob­a­bly was sim­i­lar in ap­pear­ance to any other man liv­ing in that part of the world.

Over the cen­turies artists have tried to rep­re­sent in their works what Je­sus might have looked like, but those are only the prod­ucts of their imag­i­na­tion, and we should take them as such. The Bi­ble warns us not to wor­ship any­thing that claims to rep­re­sent God or Je­sus. One of the Ten Com­mand­ments de­clares, “You shall not make for your­self an im­age in the form of any­thing in heaven above” (Ex­o­dus 20:4).

Would we rec­og­nize Je­sus if He were to come to earth to­day? Yes, we would, be­cause the Bi­ble tells us that when He comes again, He will come in glory and majesty and power. The first time He came as a help­less baby, but when He comes again, He will come as ruler over all. The Bi­ble says, “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the an­gels with him, he will sit on his glo­ri­ous throne” (Matthew 25:31).

The real ques­tion is are you ready for His com­ing? Some day you will stand be­fore Him, either when He comes again or at your death. Don’t gam­ble with your soul, but put your faith and trust in Christ to­day. bil­ly­gra­ham.org

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