Repub­li­cans, Democrats suf­fer dif­fer­ent prob­lems

Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - - EDITORIAL PAGE -

With re­spect to the cur­rent log­jam in Congress on whether to re­peal Oba­macare, here is my take: Democrats have shown them­selves to be like lem­mings, fol­low­ing their lead­ers with­out fail even if it means com­mit­ting sui­cide. Cyril Korn­bluth called them “The March­ing Morons,” and that’s what they seem to be. If you’re a Demo­crat, party comes first. [For­get] the coun­try, to hell with your con­stituents, just fol­low the party line, no mat­ter where it leads, even if it’s to your own de­struc­tion. Even though Oba­macare is vis­i­bly fail­ing day by day, the Democrats will still stick by it, be­cause their “lead­ers” tell them to. With pre­mi­ums in­creas­ing steadily, de­ductibles in­creas­ing and choices for doc­tors and hospi­tals and num­ber of plans de­creas­ing, it seems to have run its course and no longer works (un­less you are poor, and the gov­ern­ment sub­si­dizes your pre­mi­ums). Fi­nally, there is no na­tional pride if you are a Demo­crat, just an in­her­ent loathing for our coun­try and all that it has stood for the past 230 years.

Repub­li­cans are the ex­act op­po­site. There doesn’t seem to be any leader, at least no one they care to fol­low. You have 52 Repub­li­cans in the Se­nate, ev­ery­one with their own idea about where we should be with re­gard to Oba­macare. It’s like herd­ing 52 cats, and try­ing to urge them to go in one di­rec­tion. Some­times it seems as though they are head­ing in ev­ery di­rec­tion with no def­i­nite pur­pose in mind. There is no rea­son­ing with Repub­li­cans. Even though their in­ten­tions are ba­si­cally good, party means noth­ing to a Repub­li­can. Lead­er­ship (such as it is) means noth­ing. Repub­li­cans ba­si­cally be­lieve in free choice, with­out all of the man­dates put in place by Obama. But this means that ev­ery­one would have to pay his fair share. The Democrats couldn’t let this hap­pen.


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