Su­per Quiz: Science

Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - - NOTHWEST/TELEVISION -

1. What an­i­mal’s diet is highly de­pen­dent on bam­boo? 2. Term for an adult fe­male horse

3. What type of an­i­mal is the largest pri­mate in the world?

4. Ta­ble salt con­sists of what two el­e­ments bonded to­gether?

5. What color is he­mo­glo­bin?

6. What kind of rock is formed as a re­sult of heat and pres­sure?

7. What kind of waves are used to make and re­ceive cell­phone calls?

8. My­col­ogy is the study of —————.

9. What is amaz­ing about the hy­po­thet­i­cal sub­atomic par­ti­cle tachyon?

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