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Back in the 1950s, the Don­ald of the day was Joe Mc­Carthy. He in­tim­i­dated ev­ery­one into si­lence and no one had the back­bone to stand up to him. When he was fi­nally ex­posed as the bully he was, most of Congress was sorry it had not had the pro­files in courage to speak out against him.

In Ger­many there was fear and si­lence in the 1930s and no one saw what that si­lence would bring them.

It seems French Hill, Tom Cot­ton and the rest of our del­e­ga­tion fol­low the crowd and brag on what a great pres­i­dent Trump is. They will one day be like the silent Congress of Joe Mc­Carthy and wish they had had the back­bone to speak up. Trump has in­tim­i­dated judges, failed to pay what he owed to many small busi­nesses, re­port­edly given clas­si­fied in­for­ma­tion to Rus­sians in the White House, pos­si­bly ob­structed jus­tice, em­bar­rassed our coun­try on the world stage, acted like a fifth-grade bully to our al­lies, lied so much he has con­di­tioned peo­ple to it, and put us at risk of nu­clear war with his name-call­ing. Yet French Hill, Tom Cot­ton and the rest of our del­e­ga­tion ap­par­ently still value their po­si­tions over the health and safety of our coun­try.

The day is com­ing when the tide will turn; more brave peo­ple like John McCain, Jeff Flake and Bob Corker will speak out, and we will re­mind French, Tom and the oth­ers where they stood and where they put our coun­try in re­la­tion to their po­si­tions. KIRK DIXON

Lit­tle Rock

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