Faux-paint a Wall

The tech­niques of strié and rag­ging aren’t dif­fi­cult, but do re­quire work­ing quickly. Strié, or drag­ging, cre­ates a soft striped or “li­nen” pat­tern. Rag­ging adds sub­tle tex­ture.

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Prep the room and prime the walls. Choose a la­tex basecoat (semi-gloss for striŽ; satin for rag­ging) and a clear acrylic glaze that will be tinted. For a tone-on-tone look, tint the glaze with one part of the basecoat to four parts of the glaze. For a con­trast­ing ef­fect, choose a light base color and darker se­cond color to tint the glaze—for in­stance, a yel­low base color with


To striŽ, ap­ply the glaze with a paint roller and work in 4' sec­tions. While the glaze is still wet, drag a dry, 6" drag­ging brush or spal­ter brush from the top of the wall to the bot­tom for ver­ti­cal stripes, over­lap­ping brush strokes as you work along the sec­tion. (Go side to side for hor­i­zon­tal stripes.) For a li­nen ef­fect, work ver­ti­cally first, and then quickly work hor­i­zon­tally. Keep pres­sure on the brush even and smooth. Af­ter each pass, wipe the brush on a rag to clean it. It might be help­ful to keep a smaller, dry paint­brush on hand for tight ar­eas. Work around the room and al­low to dry.


For rag­ging, you can use an ac­tual rag or crum­pled plas­tic bags. Avoid any linty or syn­thetic fab­rics. As with striŽ, ap­ply the glaze with a paint roller and work in small sec­tions. For a pro­nounced tex­ture, twist the rag or bag be­fore rolling it in the glaze. Crum­ple it for a softer tex­ture. If pos­si­ble, have a helper so one per­son can ap­ply the glaze and the other can rag. Roll the rag or bag on the wall, over­lap­ping each sec­tion as you work. You don’t have to work in one di­rec­tion: criss­cross­ing at an angle will give the pat­tern more depth. If the rag or bag gets sat­u­rated with glaze, re­place it with a new one. Step back and view your work as you go. Re-rag any thickly glazed spots or use a dry paint­brush to stip­ple away ex­cess. Con­tinue around the room and let dry.

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