In­stall a Tan­k­less Wa­ter Heater

Tan­k­less wa­ter heaters heat wa­ter as it cir­cu­lates through coils in the sys­tem, us­ing gas or elec­tric­ity on de­mand in­stead of con­tin­u­ously. The new wa­ter heater will need to be mounted on a wall and vented: choose its lo­ca­tion be­fore you start.

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Turn off the wa­ter and gas. Re­move old wa­ter heater. For gas wa­ter heaters, you need a tee and a valve. In­stall them if your ex­ist­ing line doesn’t have them. Run a flex­i­ble gas sup­ply line from the tee to the wa­ter heater, but don’t at­tach it yet. Us­ing cop­per pipe, in­stall hot and cold wa­ter lines that run from the ex­ist­ing lines to the wa­ter heater. Ap­ply flux on the joints of the pipes and sol­der with a blow­torch. Bell hang­ers hold the pipe against the wall.


Us­ing 2"x4" lum­ber, cre­ate a mount­ing plat­form for the wa­ter heater 4" away from the wall. Hang the heater. Per man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions, con­nect shut-off valve and sed­i­ment trap. At­tach the gas line to the shut-off valve. Then con­nect to wa­ter sup­ply lines.


Turn on the gas and bleed the line if needed. Check for leaks and turn off the gas. Next con­nect the vent shaft on the wa­ter heater to the vent. Us­ing heat-re­sis­tant sil­i­cone sealant, at­tach a con­nec­tor to the vent shaft on heater and se­cure with a hose clamp. Then put on the vent pipe and re­tain­ing ring. Fold over tabs to se­cure. Slide on an el­bow, ad­just­ing it to face to­ward out­side vent.


Tan­k­less wa­ter heaters re­quire a stain­less-steel flue to han­dle cor­ro­sive gases. In­stall a new one if nec­es­sary. Choose the po­si­tion of your vent and drill a hole through the wall to out­side. Us­ing it as a guide­line, go out­side with the vent thim­ble and out­line it on wall. Cut out a vent hole with a re­cip­ro­cat­ing saw. At­tach in­te­rior and ex­te­rior vent thim­ble, vent pipe and hood. Turn on wa­ter and gas or plug in (for elec­tric). Start heater as di­rected by man­u­fac­turer.

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