A TRAN­SOM LIFT (or op­er­a­tor) con­sists of the fol­low­ing:

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• the spring pinch clasp

that sits near the bot­tom of the lift and al­lows the op­er­a­tor to set the open/closed po­si­tion of the lift. (This piece mounts to the wall and pro­vides the lower sup­port.)

• a long rod

that serves as the op­er­at­ing mech­a­nism and ex­tends from be­low the clasp to near the top of the tran­som.

• the sup­ports

that mount to the wall at the tran­som’s mid­point and top con­nec­tion and which al­low the rod to move up and down.

• the hinge as­sem­bly and lift mount bracket

that at­taches to the tran­som sash and is hinged against the rod. (This hinge and the rod’s up­ward mo­tion is what ac­tu­ally opens the tran­som.)

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