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When an HVAC up­date is manda­tory but it’s es­sen­tial not to disturb the walls or the plas­ter, there is a whole-house op­tion: mini-duct sys­tems, of­fered by com­pa­nies such as Unico, Space Pak, and Hi-Ve­loc­ity. These clev­erly con­ceived HVAC delivery sys­tems con­sist of flex­i­ble, mini-duct tub­ing small enough to be routed be­tween studs in walls and in cav­i­ties un­der floors and above ceil­ings, pow­ered by an air han­dler. Tubes a mere 2" wide send high-ve­loc­ity air through­out the house by as­pi­ra­tion, pro­duc­ing rel­a­tively even heat or cool­ing from floor to ceil­ing. The sys­tem cre­ates a gen­tle cir­cu­la­tion pat­tern and, un­like some forced-air sys­tems, is very quiet. Mini-splits are also an ex­cel­lent way to add air con­di­tion­ing to a house with a func­tional heat­ing sys­tem but with­out the large ducts re­quired by tra­di­tional air con­di­tion­ing.

Even the air han­dlers can fit into tight spa­ces, as shown by a Unico Sys­tem air han­dler slot­ted in un­der the base­ment floor joists.

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