By Frank A. Longo

Orlando Sentinel (Sunday) - - FUNNY PAGES -

Ball caller Span­ish is­land known for its nightlife Coun­try west of Colom­bia Record one’s ar­rival Fez, for one

— Dhabi

Spill catch­ers Be­rated

Kitty cat, e.g. Hoo-has Ad­dis —, Ethiopia Puts in a role Golf ball brand Ten­nis great Nas­tase

A/C open­ing Up­tight Hot­footed it

Of no value Last sec­tion “Cos­mos” host Carl Veil fab­ric Dead-on

Trait car­rier U-Haul unit Adds lube to Sugar in milk Gave a ring Leek rel­a­tive Yearns (for) Nis­san, once Mid­dle grade Bi­b­li­cal beast 12-time pa­pal name Tend­ing to the sit­u­a­tion Rel­a­tively small oinker, for short Dryer de­bris “Steve Jobs” star Ro­gen Whole bunch Re­ally tidy type Roe, e.g. 64 65 66

67 68 69 70 71 76 77

78 79

80 81

82 84

85 86


90 93 95

96 99

100 102 103

104 105 106 107 111 112 113 115 116 117 Pre-Easter Shoddy car Earth per­son­i­fied as a goddess Rebel Turner Mim­ics

Wee bits Floats in the air D sharp sound-alike Lyric verse “Skip ahead” abbr. on a mu­sic player Re­sult of ed­u­ca­tion Nov­el­ist Honoré de— Tokyo-based truck maker French artist Édouard Let­ters with curves Au­di­tion not closed to any­one Brain prod­uct Cabaret singer Édith Jacuzzis and whirlpools

Feel poorly — -con­fi­dence Ga­bor who lived to be 99 Con­fi­dence “Lit­tle Men” ac­tor Jack

Loin cut

FDR’s Scottie Some ho­tels and old cars

Fed. food safety org. Dele un­doer Re­ally tired Flows back

Its cap. is Vi­enna Dove noise Box­ing stats Malted quaff Diver’s goal NYC hrs.

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