Outdoor Life - - THE LIFE - Larry Mar­toglio Winch­ester, KY

There is no men­tion in the fea­ture about rab­bit hunt­ing [“A Van­ish­ing Legacy,” Dec./ Jan. 2017] or the sub­se­quently pub­lished let­ters [Let­ters, The Life, Feb./March and April 2017] about pub­lic-land op­por­tu­ni­ties for small game. Those are evap­o­rat­ing faster than on pri­vate land—not from deer man­age­ment, but from less land man­age­ment since the 1990s. Hunters aren’t push­ing politi­cians to man­age state and fed­eral lands for wildlife. Man­age­ment was lost in many places due to protests about tim­ber cut­ting. Since then, small game has de­clined or dis­ap­peared in cer­tain instances, like in the case of In­di­ana’s ruffed grouse. Things will get worse un­der Trump, with his lack of in­ter­est in the out­doors, re­duc­tion of spend­ing on agri­cul­ture, and ig­no­rance of cli­mate change. It’s time for out­door lovers to unite po­lit­i­cally and man­age for small birds and an­i­mals.

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