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Shooting ed­i­tor John B. Snow’s es­say on NULA ri­fles [“Go­ing Light,” Shooting, Feb./March 2017) rep­re­sents the qual­ity writ­ing I ex­pect from him. He’s wor­thy of wear­ing the man­tle of Aa­gaard, Cooper, and oth­ers of that ilk.

That said, I still mar­vel at his com­ment that NULA ri­fles are as ac­cu­rate in the field as they are from a bench. I know he doesn’t re­ally be­lieve that. I once had three ri­fles that would shoot .5 MOA or bet­ter. Yet when shooting them from the prone po­si­tion or off a bi­pod, the best I could do on a good day was .75 MOA. Now, in most hunt­ing sit­u­a­tions, that per­for­mance gap is merely an aca­demic dif­fer­ence. In varmint hunt­ing at long range, how­ever, it mat­ters.

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