Lu­cas Oil Shooter Sets the Stan­dard for Speed, Ac­cu­racy, and Per­for­mance

World-record holder Jerry Miculek shares his wis­dom on shoot­ing bet­ter and get­ting the most out of your firearms

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In the shoot­ing world, many peo­ple call him “The Great­est Shooter of All Time.” Jerry Miculek laughs at that. He’s not very im­pressed by his amaz­ing world records—set with hand­guns, shot­guns, and ri­fles—which are the re­sult of a com­bi­na­tion of mind-bog­gling speed and amaz­ing ac­cu­racy.

Miculek has fired 12 shots on tar­get with a sin­gle reload in un­der 3 sec­onds from a re­volver; fired 23 rounds on tar­get in 3.73 sec­onds from a semi-au­to­matic shot­gun; and fired 6 shots on tar­get in un­der 1 se­cond from a .50-cal­iber rifle.

Some shoot­ers might sit back and say, good enough. Not Miculek, per­haps the best­known mem­ber of the Lu­cas Oil Shoot­ing Team. Rather, he is more in­ter­ested in con­tin­u­ing to im­prove his game.

Miculek ( is a self-made and self-mo­ti­vated shooter from hum­ble be­gin­nings. His story and in­sights can help every shooter im­prove.


“Hunt­ing was big for me grow­ing up,” says Miculek. “I was al­ways in the swamp hunt­ing ducks or in the woods chas­ing squir­rels. When hunt­ing sea­son wound down, we needed some­thing to do. Shoot­ing was the an­swer.”

“I was in­tro­duced to com­pet­i­tive shoot­ing in 1976,” he con­tin­ues, “and it re­ally lit a fire in me. I started out pis­tol shoot­ing, and ex­panded to other firearms from there. At first, shoot­ing was a side­line. But now I’ve been shoot­ing pro­fes­sion­ally for 25 years.”


Miculek likes com­pet­ing against him­self and time. “Shoot­ing is a venue to im­prove your­self,” he says. “I like to set a stan­dard and then try and beat it. That takes work and com­mit­ment.”

“It’s spe­cial to do some­thing dif­fer­ent, some­thing no­body else has done,” he says. “I like speed goals, com­bined with ac­cu­racy. With speed, you can al­ways work to­ward get­ting bet­ter.”

“Prac­tice is es­sen­tial, and you learn through speed,” Miculek ex­plains. “Through speed, you re­fine your tech­nique. If you’re go­ing to do things fast, you have to be per­fect.”

“Your firearm is crit­i­cal too—it must be in top work­ing or­der for per­for­mance,” says Miculek. “Your shoot­ing re­sults

re­late di­rectly to your equip­ment and how it is main­tained.” This is true whether you’re set­ting speed­shoot­ing world records, get­ting ready for open­ing day of deer sea­son, in the duck blind, or shoot­ing on league night or a Satur­day af­ter­noon.


Speed is fun. But ev­ery­day shoot­ers are more con­cerned with ac­cu­racy, ei­ther at the range or while hunt­ing. Miculek of­fers in­sights for bet­ter al­laround shoot­ing.

“Here’s the key,” he says. “Trig­ger con­trol is more im­por­tant than sight align­ment. Pre­par­ing for trig­ger pull and re­lease is the most im­por­tant fac­tor in hit­ting what you’re shoot­ing at: fir­ing the weapon with­out dis­turb­ing what you see on the sight pic­ture.”

“The trick,” he ex­plains, “is ac­cept­ing the ‘wob­ble zone’ we all have, and let­ting fly at the right mo­ment, with­out dis­turb­ing what you see.”

“Most shoot­ers,” he says, “es­pe­cially hand­gun shoot­ers, have a pre­con­ceived no­tion of what is right. But no mat­ter what you are shoot­ing, you have to grip the firearm to get your fin­ger in the best po­si­tion to feel and con­trol that trig­ger. There’s no right or wrong way—only win­ning or los­ing.”

“This is es­pe­cially true,” he adds, “with dou­ble-ac­tion shoot­ing, where there’s maybe a half-inch pull be­fore trig­ger re­lease.”


Shoot­ing for world records takes well-main­tained firearms that op­er­ate flaw­lessly. Miculek is a metic­u­lous main­tainer of his firearms. He is also a cer­ti­fied gun­smith. Lu­cas Oil out­door prod­ucts are in­te­gral to his shoot­ing life­style.

“I used Lu­cas Oil out­door prod­ucts even be­fore I was spon­sored by them,” says Miculek. “I al­ways had ex­cep­tional per­for­mance with the lineup.”

“Lu­cas Oil Gun Metal Pol­ish is prob­a­bly one of the best all-around clean­ing and main­te­nance prod­ucts I’ve ever put in my hand,” he says. “It is es­pe­cially good for clean­ing cylin­ders. It is out­stand­ing for pol­ish­ing up any metal on any firearm.”

“Ul­tra­sonic Bore Cleaner is hard to beat too,” he adds. “I use it on the bores for every hand­gun and rifle I own. Shot­guns too. I even clean my reload­ing equip­ment with it. It just cuts residue and leaves noth­ing be­hind.”

“Ex­treme Duty CLP (Cleans, Lubri­cates, Pro­tects) is per­fect on all my carry weapons,” he ex­plains. “When firearms are so close to your skin, they get damp. CLP pro­vides great cor­ro­sion re­sis­tance, and keeps the weapon dry and in per­fect shoot­ing con­di­tion.”

“Ex­treme Duty Gun Oil was my go-to oil even be­fore I joined the Lu­cas Oil team,” he says. “And I use Ex­treme Duty Gun Grease on all the pres­sure points on my firearms, as well as on my reload­ing equip­ment.”

Lu­cas Oil prod­ucts are ready to keep any firearm in top con­di­tion and per­form­ing re­li­ably—whether you’re shoot­ing thou­sands of rounds a year and set­ting world records, like Jerry Miculek, or main­tain­ing your recre­ational shoot­ing and hunt­ing guns. “Lu­cas Oil prod­ucts are an es­sen­tial part of any firearm main­te­nance rou­tine,” con­cludes Miculek.

See the full Lu­cas Oil out­door and shoot­ing lineup at lu­ca­ prod­ucts/out-door-line.

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