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○ BREED NOTES Stan­dard dachshunds are only 8 to 9 inches high at the shoul­der and weigh 16 to 32 pounds.

The wire-haired dogs en­joy pro­tec­tion against bri­ars and thorns in rab­bit thick­ets.

○ HUNT­ING STYLE While they were orig­i­nally bred to en­ter holes and hide­aways to chase out bad­gers (dach in Ger­man), these dogs are ac­tu­ally hounds (hund in Ger­man) and will trail rab­bits like a mini bas­set. Low-slung dachshunds are per­fectly sized to sleuth through rab­bit cover. Dachshunds ex­cel in lit­tle or no snow.

○ BONUS POINTS Dachshunds may not look ath­letic, but they have ex­cep­tional en­ergy and they never let that wiener-dog build slow them down.

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