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Although prices are eas­ing some­what, ther­mal-imag­ing scopes and spot­ters are ex­pen­sive. Here are sev­eral of the most pop­u­lar:

Amer­i­can Tech­nolo­gies Network Corp. (ATN)

• The Thor series of ATN units is avail­able in eight dif­fer­ent vari­a­tions, which fea­ture bal­lis­tics cal­cu­la­tors that can take into ac­count wind speed, range, and in­cline. ($2,000– $6,000; at­


• The FLIR Ther­mosight R-series is avail­able in six dif­fer­ent scope mod­els. The en­try-level

unit fea­tures a 13mm lens with 240x180 res­o­lu­tion. ($3,500–$9,000)

FLIR’S Scout II monoc­u­lars cost be­tween $1,999 and $2,999. (


• When I vis­ited Pul­sar head­quar­ters in Mans­field, Texas, ship­ments of Trail ther­mal riflescopes had just ar­rived. There are five mod­els in the

Trail line, in­clud­ing the top-of-the-line XP50 (1.6X

to 12.8X mag­ni­fi­ca­tion), which boasts heat de­tec­tion up to 2,000 yards. Key fea­tures: on-board video record­ing, smart­phone teth­er­ing, rangefind­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties, and var­i­ous con­trast modes. ($3,080– $5,500; pul­

The Pul­sar He­lion ther­mal monoc­u­lar was our go-to sur­veil­lance device. It, too, is a user-friendly ther­mal with straight­for­ward con­trols, on-board video record­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties, eight hours of bat­tery life, and heat de­tec­tion up to 2,000 yards. ($2,500– $4,400; pul­


• A new player in the ther­mal game is Tri­ji­con, which rolled out a full line of riflescopes, clip-on op­tics, and monoc­u­lars in 2017. The REAP-IR

Mini Ther­mal is a gem for night­time hog and preda­tor hun­ters. ($6,000– $10,000; tri­ji­co­

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