(OCT. 8–15)

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Bed-to-feed pat­terns re­main dom­i­nant, and morn­ing hunts are still risky. How­ever, fall­ing acorns and the mat­u­ra­tion of agri­cul­tural crops can change things. When soy­bean fields be­gin to yel­low, deer find al­ter­na­tive food sources. If you’ve planted food plots, these can be­gin to shine now. Pro­duc­tive oaks, if the mast crop wasn’t a bust, suck deer off fields and into the tim­ber. And hunt­ing pres­sure has deer chang­ing their pre­ferred lo­cales and han­gouts.

This is a time of sig­nif­i­cant tran­si­tion, and deer sight­ings can be­come scarce if you don’t adapt as well. Mix­ing in some morn­ing sits near acorn-drop­ping oak trees can be pro­duc­tive, but be very care­ful about your ap­proach.

Af­ter­noon out­ings should still fo­cus on pri­mary food sources, but last week’s top draw may not be the same as this week’s.

A red oak laden with acorns.

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