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Foster is not a fan of dog whis­tles be­cause he thinks hunters overuse them and alert edgy roost­ers. In­stead, he says, “let the dogs be dogs. Once they’re in the field and have a nose full of rooster, their hunt­ing in­stincts will take over. All a whistle does is dis­tract them.”

Foster is mainly con­cerned that the dogs don’t range too far ahead. He wants his dogs to use their en­ergy rang­ing lat­er­ally—from side to side—in­stead of rac­ing to the end of a field. If your dog is rou­tinely out­pac­ing you and flush­ing birds out of range, then slow your­self down. Dogs often mir­ror the pace of their owner. And be sure to slow to a crawl when you en­counter heavy cover, such as cat­tails and bri­ars.

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