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MIS­JUDG­ING A BUCK from an im­age is un­der­stand­able to a point. Trail cam­eras present a unique set of vari­ables, not the least of which is tim­ing. Around mid-au­gust, for in­stance, Face­book pages swell with pho­tos of bucks gath­ered around a corn pile or a feeder. They all look a bit heav­ier, thanks to a layer of vel­vet, which adds mass and even a bit of length to the antlers. Hard antlers can be de­ceiv­ing, too. Odd an­gles, vary­ing dis­tances from the cam­era, and poor-qual­ity pho­tos can dis­tort them.

So how can you ac­cu­rately judge a score from a trail cam­era photo? It helps to look at a lot of be­fore­and-af­ter bucks. In other words, cap­ture them on cam­era and then ac­tu­ally score them once they are wear­ing your tag. Try to score them all—both big and small. The Boone

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