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A heav­ier ar­row will flat-out pen­e­trate bet­ter than a light one, but I don’t get hung up on specifics. Per­son­ally, I don’t use any­thing lighter than 550 grains—and 600-plus grains is bet­ter.

You won’t find ar­rows that heavy ready to go at your pro shop, so you’ll prob­a­bly have to cus­tom-build them to get the de­sired fin­ished weight. Most stan­dard car­bon hunting ar­rows weigh 6 to 10 grains per inch, de­pend­ing on style and spine. Opt for the heav­i­est you can get, and then look to your com­po­nents for the fin­ish­ing touches.

For stan­dard-di­am­e­ter shafts, I like Eas­ton Brass HIT in­serts over any sort of out­sert. Th­ese have stan­dard thread­ing, and I rec­om­mend pair­ing them with a tough and heavy broad­head like the Cut­throat Sin­gle Bevel, Iron Will, or Valkyrie Archery Blood Ea­gle, some of which are avail­able in weights of 250 grains.

Mi­cro-di­am­e­ter shafts are be­com­ing pop­u­lar as well. My fa­vorite setup is the Gold Tip Ki­netic Pierce Plat­inum with the Valkyrie Archery glue-on cen­ter pin adapter, topped with a Griz­zly sin­gle-bevel broad­head.

The most re­cent griz­zly bear I killed with this setup was a quar­ter­ing-to shot with a 53-pound re­curve. I hit him right through the shoul­der, and the ar­row zipped out the other side.

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