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Us­ing a stone point isn’t a new idea, but I had never tried it be­fore the black bear hunt. The ex­pe­ri­ence fur­ther ce­mented my opin­ions on heavy ar­rows and broad­heads.

The fin­ished wooden shaft and point, tied on with moose sinew, weighed 950 grains. Wooden shafts aren’t as con­sis­tent as car­bon, but even with a sharp rock on the end, th­ese flew great. Any doubts I had dis­solved when that bear piled up dead within sec­onds.

The av­er­age hunter isn’t go­ing to try a stone point, but that doesn’t change the take­away. If you are will­ing to sac­ri­fice a lit­tle speed in fa­vor of an ex­tra-heavy ar­row-in­sert­broad­head com­bi­na­tion, I bet you’ll be shocked by the in­crease in pen­e­tra­tion you see on big game.

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