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How is it that ev­ery “140” you shoot ends up mea­sur­ing 115? Prob­a­bly be­cause so­cial me­dia has skewed our idea of what a big deer looks like be­cause it’s caused us to as­sign ar­bi­trary min­i­mum scores for so­cial ac­cep­tance. A lot of those 140s your buddies are claim­ing on Face­book are ac­tu­ally 115s too, be­cause a 115-inch 8-point will usu­ally be wider than his ears, sport tall tines, and be tempt­ing to shoot. Many hun­ters are happy with such a buck, un­til they mea­sure it. That’s de­press­ing. Even here in west­ern Ken­tucky, where the ex­perts say big bucks live be­hind ev­ery tree, I rarely see more than a cou­ple of true 140-plus deer on the hoof in the course of a four-and-a-half-month sea­son. But when one of them steps out, there’s no mis­tak­ing it. —W.B.

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