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Healthy start? High pro! Health pro­fes­sion­als have long stressed the im­por­tance of break­fast, but what does science say about eat­ing break­fast and what your break­fast should con­sist of? In a study pub­lished in Obe­sity, re­sults show that eat­ing a high-pro­tein break­fast is your best bet for re­duc­ing hunger and food in­take dur­ing the day. Study par­tic­i­pants who ate a high-pro­tein break­fast (35 grams of pro­tein) had re­duc­tions in weight gain, caloric in­take and hunger crav­ings com­pared to the groups that ate a nor­mal pro­tein break­fast (13 grams of pro­tein) and the group that skipped break­fast com­pletely.

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