1⁄3 cup pop­corn ker­nels 2 ta­ble­spoons co­conut oil ½ cup raw cashew pieces sea salt to taste

Di­rec­tions: 1. Put the co­conut oil in a large deep pot. Heat over medium heat un­til melted. 2. Add the pop­corn ker­nels to the melted co­conut oil and tilt the pan so all the pop-

corn ker­nels are coated. 3. Cover and al­low the ker­nels to be­gin pop­ping (over medium heat). Once you hear them start to pop, shake the pan a bit to avoid any burn­ing. 4. Al­low the ker­nels to con­tinue pop­ping for about four min­utes. Re­mem­ber to keep shak­ing the pot to avoid burn­ing. You’ll know they’re about done when there’s no more than five sec­onds be­tween each pop. 5. Un­cover and toss with sea salt and cashew pieces. En­joy!

Makes 4 serv­ings

Nutri­tion facts (per serv­ing): calo­ries 286, to­tal fat 20 g, pro­tein 7 g, sodium 299 mg, carbs 22 g, fiber 4 g, sugar 2 g Note: To re­duce fat, use less co­conut oil and fewer cashews.

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