It im­proves con­tralat­eral strength: The word “con­tralat­eral” per­tains to the same mus­cles on op­po­site sides of the body — i.e., your right pec vs. your left pec. Stud­ies have shown that work done on one side of the body not only ben­e­fits the mus­cle be­ing worked but also the con­tralat­eral mus­cle on the op­po­site side of the body — even if that mus­cle re­mains un­trained. So in the in­stance of your pecs, if you do a one-arm dumb­bell bench press with your right side, your left pec will still reap the ben­e­fits with up to 50 per­cent gains in terms of strength. Crazy, right?

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