One-arm lawn-mower dumb­bell row


Setup: Take a split stance with your left foot for­ward and hold a dumb­bell in your right hand. Bend for­ward from your hip with a straight back and place your left hand on your left thigh, with your right arm hang­ing straight down to the floor, palm fac­ing in­ward. Move: Row the dumb­bell up­ward by driv­ing your el­bow to­ward the ceil­ing. As you reach the top of your range of mo­tion, con­tinue the pull by twist­ing your torso and shoul­ders and open­ing your chest to the right. Un­coil and re­turn the way you came to the start. Do all reps on one side be­fore switch­ing. Tip: Make this mo­tion smooth and con­trolled, not jerky and ex­plo­sive like a real lawn mower!

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