One-legged Bosu squat


Setup: Stand on the dome of a Bosu and lift one foot. Ex­tend your arms to the side and fo­cus on a spot on the floor sev­eral feet in front of you. Tighten your abs and square your hips. Move: Slowly bend your knee and squat down as low as you can, keep­ing your chest lifted and your shoul­ders back. Feel free to move your arms for­ward or to the side to help bal­ance, as shown. Ex­tend your leg to re­turn to the start. Do all reps on one side be­fore switch­ing. Tip: Your an­kle will work dou­ble time here to keep you steady on an un­sta­ble sur­face. Split your sets into smaller groups of reps to pre­vent burnout of those tiny mus­cles.

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