Mo­bi­lize stored fat with yo­himbe and caf­feine.


✱ Sup­ple­ments such as yo­himbe and caf­feine, found in Trans-Form, en­cour­age your body to re­lease more stored fat so that these calo­ries can then be used to fuel ac­tiv­ity. Yo­himbe is a po­tent fat mo­bi­lizer, mean­ing that it en­cour­ages your body to re­lease fat al­ready in stor­age. Yo­himbe works by al­low­ing your body to re­lease more nor­ep­i­neph­rine (AKA adren­a­line), which ul­ti­mately en­cour­ages the re­lease of stored fat. This helps pro­tect lean mus­cle tis­sue while you cut calo­ries to get shred­ded. You know that cafeine stim­u­lates you, but it’s also a po­tent fat mo­bi­lizer. That’s be­cause cafeine works at the cel­lu­lar level to re­lease ad­di­tional stored fat. When you’re try­ing to lose fat, this combo is one of the best ways to sup­port your ob­jec­tive.

✱ Con­trol your ap­petite with chromium pi­col­i­nate and hor­de­nine. Trans-Form con­tains both these in­gre­di­ents that sup­port re­duced ap­petite to help you in­crease your fat loss. In­ter­est­ingly, these two work through difer­ent mech­a­nisms. Chromium pi­col­i­nate helps con­trol your ap­petite by reg­u­lat­ing in­sulin re­lease. In­sulin is a hor­mone that drives carbs and other calo­ries you con­sume into fat stor­age. By re­duc­ing carb in­take and your body’s re­sponse to carbs, you’ll en­cour­age greater fat re­duc­tion. Hor­de­nine is ex­tracted from bar­ley, grasses and other plants, and it helps con­trol ap­petite by re­duc­ing gut ac­tiv­ity. In other words, this sup­ple­ment helps re­duce hunger pangs. In ad­di­tion, hor­de­nine has been shown to boost me­tab­o­lism and in­crease blood

✱ Boost your meta­bolic rate with synephrine and white wil­low bark. Another way Trans-Form helps you in­crease fat loss is by boost­ing your meta­bolic rate, the amount of calo­ries your body nat­u­rally burns ev­ery day. Un­for­tu­nately, cut­ting calo­ries re­duces me­tab­o­lism, so your body even­tu­ally ac­com­mo­dates to lower caloric in­take with­out re­duc­ing body fat. But tak­ing in sup­ple­men­tal meta­bolic boost­ers such as synephrine and white wil­low bark will help keep your me­tab­o­lism revving. Synephrine, de­rived from Cit­rus au­ran­tium, boosts the amount of calo­ries you burn with­out in­creas­ing heart rate or blood pres­sure. White wil­low bark, which con­tains chem­i­cals sim­i­lar to those found in aspirin, ex­tends the ther­mo­genic (fat-burn­ing) benefts of other sup­ple­men­tal in­gre­di­ents found in Trans-Form.

✱ In­crease energy and fo­cus with beta phenylethy­lamine HCl. You know the drill: When you cut calo­ries to re­duce body fat, you of­ten feel slug­gish and your work­outs stink. Tak­ing in beta phenylethy­lamine HCl (AKA PEA) helps pre­vent these un­wanted side efects of your fat-loss pro­gram. PEA, found in Trans-Form, is a me­tab­o­lite of the amino acid phenyl­ala­nine, which is in­volved in the pro­duc­tion of brain chem­i­cals that sup­port fat loss by in­creas­ing your energy lev­els (nor­ep­i­neph­rine) and sense of eu­pho­ria (sero­tonin and dopamine) to bet­ter tol­er­ate low-carb di­ets. £

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