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Ash­ley Kaltwasser started com­pet­ing in gym­nas­tics at age 4, but in her spare time, she went about break­ing records in jump rope, chin-ups, sprints and push-ups in el­e­men­tary school! She con­verted to track and field as a sopho­more in high school and com­peted in the 100-me­ter hur­dles, long jump and cross-coun­try run­ning. Kaltwasser earned all-state hon­ors in track and cross-coun­try, and she broke seven records in both sports, all of which still stand to­day.

Kaltwasser sprinted her way into col­lege with an NCAA Di­vi­sion 1 schol­ar­ship for the 400-me­ter hur­dles and loved what it did for her body and her mind. “I truly be­lieve my track back­ground shaped the body I have to­day,” she says. “It taught me dis­ci­pline and a strong work ethic.”

When track and col­lege were over, Kaltwasser dis­cov­ered NPC Bikini com­pe­ti­tions — through a for­mer high-school track coach! — and therein found a new out­let for her ath­letic and com­pet­i­tive na­ture. She en­tered her first com­pe­ti­tion in 2011, and by 2012, she had al­ready been named the Arnold Am­a­teur Bikini cham­pion.

Since then, she has won the Bikini Olympia an un­prece­dented three times and the Arnold Bikini In­ter­na­tional two times. She is a mem­ber of Team Gas­pari and trav­els the world teach­ing, coach­ing and lead­ing women to help them reach their po­ten­tial. “I get to in­spire a lot of young women with my job, which is very re­ward­ing,” she says. “I am very grate­ful for the path that I have cho­sen, and I am thank­ful that I have been af­forded the op­por­tu­nity to do what I do.”

About her work­out pro­gram

There’s not a woman in the world who does not want to look like Kaltwasser in a bikini. “The woman that will pick me as a coach might be some­one who wants to com­pete, but she also might be just look­ing to get into great shape,” she says. “My pro­gram is a healthy, main­stream way to help you look great and that is also main­tain­able. I want peo­ple to be in it for the long run and not just for 90 days, so mine is a re­al­is­tic ap­proach to get­ting into great shape.”

Kaltwasser’s work­outs in­te­grate pro­gres­sive body­part train­ing (us­ing at-home equip­ment as well as a stan­dard gym ca­ble ma­chine), with ply­o­met­rics and plenty of high-in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing car­dio, all of which evolve and in­crease in in­ten­sity as the days and weeks go by. “You’ll start with four to five days a week of train­ing and progress to five or six, depend­ing on your level, and I al­ways make sure there are rest days sched­uled for proper re­cov­ery,” she says. “For ev­ery move and work­out, there are plenty of mod­i­fi­ca­tions — as well as at-home move sub­sti­tu­tions if you don’t be­long to a gym — so no mat­ter where you’re start­ing from or where you’re work­ing out, you can ben­e­fit from my plan.”

About her nu­tri­tion

Fad and ex­treme di­ets are not go­ing to be sus­tain­able for the long term, and Kaltwasser un­der­stands this very well. “This plan does not count macros or do ke­to­gen­ics or cut out food groups — noth­ing like that,” she says. “In­stead, I cre­ated a healthy plan that is sus­tain­able and easy to fol­low, and it in­cludes tons of de­li­cious foods you will love to make and eat.”

As a bonus, Kaltwasser has in­cluded some in­sider tips about sea­son­ing and cook­ing foods in a healthy way and her per­sonal se­crets on curb­ing crav­ings, din­ing out suc­cess­fully and get­ting a lean, strong body with­out star­va­tion or de­pri­va­tion. “Food does not have to be bland or bor­ing or mis­er­able,” she says. “I per­son­ally love all the foods I eat ev­ery day, and with this plan, you will, too.”

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