Build Your Best Chest

Strength and power can be yours (with­out the brawn) us­ing this four-pronged ap­proach to chest train­ing.

Oxygen - - Contents - By Lara McGlashan, MFA, CPT / Pho­tog­ra­phy by Cory Sorensen

Strength and power can be yours (with­out the brawn) us­ing this four­pronged ap­proach to chest train­ing.

Hey girl­friend,

how much can you bench? Said no woman, ever. As a group, women aren’t too con­cerned with train­ing chest. Sure, we give it a thor­ough, weekly work­out, mostly be­cause we know we’re sup­posed to — not be­cause we want huge pecs, bro! But reg­u­lar chest train­ing helps pre­vent up­per-body im­bal­ances, which can lead to in­jury down the road. And since most chest ex­er­cises also work your shoul­ders, tri­ceps and even your back, they work to­ward to­tal-body func­tional and syn­er­gis­tic strength.

This work­out em­ploys four ad­vanced tech­niques to work ev­ery fiber of your chest, build­ing sleek, strong mus­cles with­out added bulk. Com­bine this work­out with the Chestretch moves (see side­bar) and your pecs will turn heads — for all the right rea­sons.

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