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Bump up your calo­rie and fat burn with a wear­able fit­ness tool — the weighted vest — and take your workouts to the next level.

Vests are un­like any other kind of strength equip­ment be­cause they are at­tached to your per­son and move with you. “They rest tightly against your body, al­low­ing for more nat­u­ral move­ment,” Cum­mings says. “And since the vest keeps the weight close to your cen­ter of mass and evenly dis­trib­uted, the work­load seems lighter.”

A prop­erly fit­ting vest should be snug with­out be­ing re­stric­tive. Cum­mings rec­om­mends adding 5 to 8 per­cent of your body­weight to start, and as you get stronger in­creas­ing that to as much as 15 per­cent.

Pretty much any ex­er­cise you can think of can be done with a vest to in­crease in­ten­sity. How­ever, Cum­mings does not rec­om­mend us­ing it on the el­lip­ti­cal or a sta­tion­ary bike be­cause those ac­tiv­i­ties don’t work against grav­ity, and he also cau­tions about form dur­ing ex­plo­sive moves. “You’ll have more in­er­tia on land­ing be­cause you have more mass, and if you don’t take pre­cau­tions, you’re more prone to in­jury than you would be nor­mally,” he says.

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