Pre­ci­sion Pro­tein from Gas­pari Nu­tri­tion helps you in­crease lean mus­cle while re­duc­ing body fat.

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he first rule for build­ing mus­cle mass is that you must con­sume plenty of pro­tein to make sure you’re pro­vid­ing your body with all the amino acids it needs to sup­port lean growth. Keep in mind that if you don’t con­sume ad­e­quate pro­tein, your body will break down lean tis­sue to fuel other phys­i­o­log­i­cal needs. So when you’re train­ing hard to build lean mus­cle while re­duc­ing body fat, you need to take in plenty of pro­tein with­out con­sum­ing ex­cess calo­ries that work against your goal of shed­ding body fat.

What you may not know is that not all pro­tein sources are cre­ated equal. Some di­gest slowly, while oth­ers are ab­sorbed more quickly. Gas­pari Nu­tri­tion’s Pre­ci­sion Pro­tein was de­signed to ab­sorb nearly im­me­di­ately while also driv­ing an­abolism (mus­cle build­ing) to sup­port ac­cre­tion of lean tis­sue.

Here’s more about the ad­van­tages that Pre­ci­sion Pro­tein pro­vides: Pre­ci­sion Pro­tein re­lies on hy­drolyzed whey pro­tein. This form of pro­tein is a much smaller mol­e­cule than other types of pro­tein found in food and other sup­ple­ments, spar­ing your body the ef­fort of hav­ing to break the bonds of larger pro­tein mol­e­cules be­fore amino acids can get to work. Be­cause it’s a smaller mol­e­cule, hy­drolyzed whey is ab­sorbed al­most im­me­di­ately af­ter con­sump­tion. That’s cru­cial around the time of your work­outs when you want amino acids in your blood­stream to pro­tect the lean mus­cle tis­sue you’ve al­ready added. Af­ter work­outs, hy­drolyzed whey helps re­pair the dam­age caused by in­tense work­outs, spar­ing mus­cle tis­sue and pro- mot­ing faster, bet­ter re­cov­ery. Tak­ing in hy­drolyzed whey at other times of day, such as upon wak­ing, is a good idea to stop catabolism (mus­cle break­down). One of the unique fea­tures Pre­ci­sion Pro­tein pro­vides is its EET, which de­liv­ers the amino acids that best sup­port mus­cle build­ing. That’s im­por­tant when this is your pri­mary goal; oth­er­wise, your body will con­vert pro­tein into amino acids it wants for other pur­poses. Pre­ci­sion Pro­tein’s EET en­hances the re­lease of leucine pep­tides to en­hance lean tis­sue growth and re­cov­ery. Leucine is the most im­por­tant of the branched-chain amino acids for sup­port­ing ac­cre­tion of lean tis­sue. These aminos by­pass the liver, go­ing di­rectly to your work­ing mus­cles to sup­port your train­ing, re­cov­ery and physique im­prove­ments. Pre­ci­sion Pro­tein achieves this by in­clud­ing a spe­cial­ized pro­tein-em­bed­ded phos­pho­lipid ma­trix that is ac­ti­vated when you add liq­uid to your pre­work­out or post­work­out shake. Pre­ci­sion Pro­tein’s EET drives up pro­tein synthesis, the process through which your body re­cov­ers and grows. This prod­uct en­hances this phys­i­o­log­i­cal process by driv­ing the spe­cific amino acids your body needs to the site that helps sup­port your goals. In ad­di­tion, Pre­ci­sion Pro­tein in­creases mTOR sig­nal­ing. This spe­cific phys­i­o­log­i­cal path­way to growth im­proves in­tra­cel­lu­lar and ex­tra­cel­lu­lar sig­nals to boost cell growth and pro­lif­er­a­tion, as well as en­hance me­tab­o­lism.

BCAAs These amino acids go di­rectly to your mus­cles to sup­port your train­ing ef­forts. Pre­ci­sion Pro­tein’s EET en­hances the re­lease of leucine pep­tides to en­hance lean tis­sue growth and re­cov­ery. Leucine is the most im­por­tant of the branched-chain amino acids.

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