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This two-part plan uses AMRAP and EMOM pro­to­cols to hit all your ma­jor mus­cles, spike your heart rate and burn mega-calo­ries.

Met­cons are the fastest way to main­tain lean mass while burn­ing fat and boost­ing me­tab­o­lism, and this one gets the job done in less than 20 min­utes.

First is a 10-minute bar­bell EMOM, and at the top of ev­ery minute, you’ll do the three moves in or­der — with­out putting the bar­bell down — then rest the re­main­ing time. Use a pretty heavy weight to make these moves metabol­i­cally in­tense and en­sure a crazy, fat-erad­i­cat­ing af­ter­burn. Rest two min­utes, then move into the AMRAP, re­peat­ing a three-move cir­cuit for as many rounds as you can for a to­tal of seven min­utes. Pace your­self, but don’t slack off — you want to be mov­ing at 80 to 85 per­cent max ca­pac­ity for max results.

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