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Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your mid­foot un­der­neath the loaded bar­bell. Bend your knees, drop your hips and take a shoul­der-width, over­hand grip on the bar. Your hips should be higher than your knees, chest lifted, back straight. Keep the bar close to your body as you ex­tend your knees and hips at the same rate. As it passes your knees, do a triple ex­ten­sion of the an­kles, knees and hips, com­ing up onto your toes and shrug­ging your shoul­ders, el­bows high. Drop un­der­neath the bar, catch­ing it across your front delts and clav­i­cle and flip­ping your el­bows un­der­neath into a front rack po­si­tion. Re­set your feet, lower the bar and re­peat.

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