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The mus­cles that move your wrists are lo­cated in your fore­arm and are gen­er­ally di­vided into flex­ors and ex­ten­sors. In con­junc­tion with a num­ber of smaller mus­cles, the fore­arms al­low your wrists to move up, down, side to side and in ro­ta­tion.

FLEX­ORS These mus­cles run along the un­der­side of your fore­arm and come into play when you close your hand or pull your hand down­ward. Tight­ness here can make moves like hand­stands or a front squat, in which your wrists are in ex­ten­sion, un­com­fort­able or even painful.

EX­TEN­SORS The mus­cles in the top of your fore­arm work the op­po­site way, pulling your fingers up and open and putting your wrist in ex­ten­sion. Tight­ness here can neg­a­tively af­fect your over­hand grip in moves like a farmer’s carry or a pull-up.

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