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True or False? The Pa­leo diet is the best way for ac­tive peo­ple to eat. False. This pop­u­lar high-pro­tein, low­carb plan is the most Googled diet in re­cent years. But eat­ing steak and ba­con for weight loss? Not so fast. Although most peo­ple ini­tially lose weight on a high­pro­tein, low-carb diet, this style of eat­ing can ac­tu­ally cause weight gain in the long term, ac­cord­ing to Span­ish re­searchers. Their study find­ings showed that those who fol­low di­ets high in an­i­mal pro­tein have a 90 per­cent greater risk of gain­ing more than 10 per­cent of their body­weight over time than those who don’t go heavy on the meat. There is no sin­gle diet that is right for ev­ery­one, even if ev­ery­one was phys­i­cally ac­tive. The best healthy eat­ing plan for you is the one that you can stick to on the ma­jor­ity of days.

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