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In large jar or bowl, com­bine 2 cups plain unsweet­ened al­mond milk, ½ cup pit­ted dates and 1∕3 cup chia seeds. Mix well, then cover and re­frig­er­ate four to eight hours. Then pour into blender and process on high un­til very smooth, about two min­utes. Add ¾ cup unsweet­ened pump­kin puree, ¾ tea­spoon pump­kin pie spice and pinch of sea salt, and blend un­til com­bined. Di­vide mix­ture among six 4-ounce jars with lids. Re­frig­er­ate one hour, then serve.

Nu­tri­tion Facts (per serv­ing = 1 jar): calo­ries 104, to­tal fat 4 g, sat­u­rated fat 0.5 g, pro­tein 2.5 g, carbs 16 g, fiber 5 g, su­gar 9 g

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