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“Start­ing each day by sweat­ing helps my body func­tion ef­fi­cientl,y” Van Berkum says. “I like to do cir­cuit train­ing with yoga in­cor­po­rated be­cause I live in a re­mote lo­ca­tion and there are no gyms or yoga stu­dios. I have to use na­ture to stay fit.” WARM-UP:

Arm cir­cles while skip­ping on the beach. Hip cir­cles. Hang­ing Rag Doll — loos­en­ing the torso, re­lax­ing the neck, get­ting into the ham­strings and breath work.

20-minute beach run with 100-me­ter sprints ev­ery five min­utes 12 push-ups 24 walk­ing lunges (12 each leg) 12 burpees THREE ROUNDS OF:

Down­ward Dog for 10 breaths Move into plank for five breaths Move into side plank for five breaths (each side) Move back into plank Five-minute beach run SIX ROUNDS OF SUN SALUTATIONS:

Mov­ing into War­rior 3, hold for five breaths, move into Half-Moon for five breaths, then re­verse Half-Moon for five breaths. Come into stand­ing splits. Then hand­stand work. Do three rounds each side.

20 cart­wheels down the beach (10 each side) Rest in a deep squat for 20 breaths Dancer Pose or Wheel for 10 breaths (five each side for Dancer Pose)

Rest in Hang­ing Rag Doll COOL-DOWN:

Sit in still­ness cross­legged on the sand near the wa­ter. Fo­cus on breath­ing ex­er­cises. Set in­ten­tions for the day.

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