Squats and Splurges

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First, I want to ap­plaud you for stress­ing that be­ing too skinny and un­der­weight can and does cause long-term health prob­lems. As an eat­ing dis­or­der ther­a­pist and a re­cov­ered eat­ing disor­dered per­son my­self, I know that too many peo­ple be­lieve that be­ing un­der­weight is healthy. It’s even of­ten con­sid­ered fa­vor­able by health-care providers!

Sec­ond, I’m writ­ing be­cause I was di­ag­nosed with os­teoarthri­tis in my knee and have been ad­vised not to run, jump, or do any type of squats or weight-bear­ing ac­tiv­i­ties that re­quire more than a 45-de­gree bend in my knees. Let’s see more leg work­outs that don’t fea­ture squats! Thanks and keep up the good work! — CAROLINE, VIA EMAIL

Ed­i­tor’s note: Caroline, check out Pages 20 and 21 for two great glute-build­ing moves — no squats in sight! I splurged and got my­self a copy of the most re­cent Oxy­gen mag­a­zine as a treat for stick­ing to my nu­tri­tion goals for al­most a week. It may seem like noth­ing to some peo­ple, but con­quer­ing my food addiction is huge. I am go­ing to be on the cover of this mag­a­zine some­day soon. Watch me. — COACHKARLEIGH, VIA IN­STA­GRAM

Ed­i­tor’s note: Coachkarleigh — we can’t wait to see that hap­pen! Keep up the great work.

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