The Short Cir­cuit Work­out

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“This pro­gram is some­thing I would do my­self,” says Arias, who cre­ated this work­out ex­clu­sively for Oxy­gen. “Be­cause I hate all car­dio ex­cept do­ing stairs or sprint­ing, I like to do cir­cuit train­ing for my strength work, which al­lows me to get in both my aer­o­bic and anaer­o­bic train­ing at the same time.”

This work­out con­tains three cir­cuits of three moves apiece. Do the moves in or­der for 30 sec­onds each with no rest in be­tween, and rest up to a minute in be­tween cir­cuits. Do three to four rounds of each cir­cuit, de­pend­ing on how much time you have.

“Use a re­sis­tance loop or weight that chal­lenges you for each move, and try to hit your max reps with each set,” Arias ad­vises, not­ing that you should use a lighter weight band loop when plac­ing it around your an­kles and a heav­ier one around your thighs. “And make sure you can move that weight ef­fec­tively in a con­trolled man­ner.”

Why a band loop? “It’s for the booty,” says Arias, laugh­ing, who ad­mits she has a hard time en­gag­ing her glutes. “I had mus­cu­lar im­bal­ances and my glutes didn’t ac­ti­vate prop­erly. The mus­cles that were tight would turn on right away, pre­vent­ing the glutes from en­gag­ing. But these bands en­sure those glutes will fire!”

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