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Sit with your knees bent, feet a com­fort­able width apart, and place your hands on the ground be­hind you, fin­gers point­ing away from your hips. Open your chest and press down into the floor with your hands to lift your hips just slightly off the ground so you’re hov­er­ing be­tween your hands and your feet. Lift your right hand up in front of your face, el­bow down, then press your feet and left hand into the ground and bridge up as high as you can — past table­top, if pos­si­ble. Rotate to the left, stack­ing your shoul­der, el­bow and hand, and look down at your left hand. Bring your right arm (el­bow bent) over your head and reach your fin­gers to­ward the floor. Re­verse the steps and re­turn to the start. Re­peat on the op­po­site side.

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