San­dra Jersby, FSTL2, CF-L1, Pn1, NASM

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Orig­i­nally from Swe­den, San­dra Jersby has a unique per­spec­tive on the fit­ness lifestyle. “Ex­er­cise in Swe­den is a way of life,” she ex­plains. “Not that we work out more — it’s more that phys­i­cal ex­er­cise is in­serted seam­lessly into our daily rou­tines.”

Jersby en­joys Pi­lates, hot yoga, rock climb­ing, pad­dle­board­ing and hik­ing in ad­di­tion to her train­ing in the gym. And though she’s a highly cer­ti­fied trainer, Jersby bor­rowed some of the pro­gram­ming in the work­out she shot. “It sparked more cre­ativ­ity within my own train­ing.”

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